We make workplaces safer.

Airborne Viruses Cause Sickness and Death

  • SARS-CoV2 – the COVID-19 pandemic caused more than 375,000 deaths in the United States alone during 2020
    • Loss of customers due to shutdowns and restrictions
  • Seasonal Cold and Flu
    • Lost productivity from sick employees
      • Estimated more than $200M per year
    • Disease spread in medical facilities

uvcPhyzx Clears the Air!

  • Patent-pending Air Sanitation system using UV-C light
    • Cleans room air continuously – does not depend on central HVAC
    • Higher performance than standard HEPA filters
  • Perfect for
    • Doctor, Dental, Urgent Care – Exam rooms, Waiting rooms, Staff lunch/break rooms
    • Municipal, Police, Fire – Meeting and Briefing rooms, Lunch/Break rooms, Court rooms
    • Corporate and Academic conference, break rooms, and lunchrooms
    • Blood banks/collection facilities, other temporary healthcare facilities
  • Viral pathogens effectively reduced: Phyzx M-1 Beta version delivers 156 cfm CARm
    • CARm (Clean Air Rate-microbial) measures the rate of disinfected air delivery from the device
    • See our Products page for discussion of our certification testing results

Unique Air Distribution Design

  • High quality fan pulls untreated air from lower room spaces
  • Pathogens are destroyed as they pass upward through the UV-C chamber
  • Clean treated air is output to room, forcing untreated room air down

Why is uvcPhyzx better?

Science has clearly established that SARS-COV-2 is transmitted primarily through aerosols that float in the air – possibly for long distances.  Scientists are currently calling for a “paradigm shift” in our thinking about respiratory viruses:

  • “We need to establish the foundations to ensure that the air in our buildings is clean with a significantly reduced pathogen count, contributing to the building occupants’ health, just as we expect for the water coming out of our taps,” Professor Morawska said.
  • “Mandated building ventilation standards need to include higher airflow, filtration and disinfection rates, and monitors that allowed the public to observe the quality of air around them.
  • “We should have virus-free air indoors.”

Portable HEPA filtration units do remove viral particles from the air but have serious drawbacks such as noise and drafts which make them unsuitable for environments like classrooms, meeting rooms, or any place where high background noise is undesirable or prohibited by safety standards.

Table top units do not have enough airflow or UV power to clean an entire room in a timely fashion.

UV devices such as wands or light towers are used for surface disinfection.  These are of varying effectiveness dependent on the power of the UVC source.  Fomites must be directly exposed to the UVC photons for seconds and areas shaded from the light will be unaffected.  These devices do not work to clean the air. They can only be used when no people or animals are present due to exposure to UV light. UV exposure can cause skin and eye irritation and damage.

UV HVAC duct systems only function when HVAC is running.