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Beware of device claims of “99.9% reduction” in pathogens

  • Most device claims do not cite an actual lab test, test method, or time duration of test
  • Any device can achieve reduction given enough time
  • A pathogen reduction claim should specify clean air delivery rate (CARm)
  • Most devices have low airflow (or their claims do not specify the airflow (cfm) of the device
  • Most devices only trap pathogens on a filter rather than inactivating them or have UV of low power and effectiveness

phyzx M–1

Our Beta version product has completed lab and certification testing in September 2021. We expect to begin production in January 2022.


Certification testing completed in Sep 2021 by RTI International – Research Triangle NC*

  • Phyzx M-1 Beta device delivers 156 cfm CARm
  • Phyzx M-1 can be run continuously with occupants in the room
    • No UV light is emitted from the device
  • The room and the device act together as a “system” to enhance air processing 
    • Phyzx M-1 pulls air from the floor where pathogen concentration is highest and delivers clean air to the ceiling to circulate without need for HVAC assistance
    • Phyzx M-1 provides sufficient circulation to process ALL of the air in the room instead of only in a localized area
  • Testing was done with MS2 pathogen which is much more difficult to inactivate than SARS-CoV-2; SARS-CoV-2 is 10 times more susceptible to UV inactivation

*Bioaerosol Inactivation Chamber Test of an Air Cleaner Challenged with MS2 – Test Report (RTI Project No.: 0216376.053.001)

For more product information contact: info@uvcphyzx.com

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